About Us


John “Johnny” Jacoby lived a life full of compassion and service.  Born and raised in Windsor, CO he faced some unique challenges early in life.  These challenges did not deter him from making a difference and selflessly serving others.  John knew everyone and everything happening throughout Windsor.  As such he was coined  Windsor’s “unofficial mayor”.  Everyone in town knew John; if you did not know his name, you saw him at youth sporting events, riding his bike around town, sacking groceries and helping with local events.

On May 18, 2015 Johnny was shot and killed as he rode his bike to help a community member with yard work.  This event rocked our community with shock, sadness and grief.  The Windsor community rallied together with courage and love.  While the assailant has yet to be apprehended and tried for this crime, we vowed to keep Johnny’s spirit alive and to support the Windsor community by creating opportunities to give back and make a difference, just as John did every day.

John Jacoby will be remembered as Windsor’s Ambassador of Happiness.  John was a good neighbor to everyone in town, giving of himself with no expectation in return.  John taught us to live simply, smile often and that fulfillment comes from a life of service.

The world we live in today could use a little more happiness, kindness, encouragement and love.  The world could use a few more Johnnys.  The proceeds of the 2018 Johnny’s Community Run will be distributed to 28 Hours of Hope, continuing the Johnny Jacoby Scholarship Fund for Windsor High School students and other various unmet needs in Windsor.